6 Guidelines: Tuition, Daycare & Any Learning Centres Need For The ‘New Normal’ of Offline Classes

Malaysia Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, announced that almost all economic sectors and business activities can resume operations under a conditional MCO (Movement Control Order), starting 4 May 2020. Many of us are wondering if we can resume our centre operations. With some of the guidelines like keeping our business premise less than 10 people, perhaps we can start running our learning centres once again while ensuring safety as the number one priority.

However, we also have to take into consideration on the safety of our students, teachers and ourselves if we decide to operate our learning centres in this uncertain times. We also need to spend sometime to prepare our centres following the latest SOP rolled out by the Government. Has your centre been disinfected? There are a number of parties mentioning that childcare centres are not expected to open for about another month as operators have to undertake a series of stringent precautionary measures before they can resume operation.

We will resume the operation of our learning centres sooner or later. However, we should start preparing and be ready right now. Here are some suggested guidelines that the AOne team has prepared for you!

(1) Body Temperature Scanning for Everyone

Make it compulsory to measure body temperature of all students, teachers, parents, business owners and anyone who comes to your centre. Looking for a non-contact infrared thermometer? Do let us know by filling the form at the end of article if you need one!

(2) Regular Usage of Hand Sanitiser

You should provide hand sanitiser for students or anyone before they come in the centre. Place it at the counter and classrooms wherever that is convenient for everyone to use. As a good practice, you should always sanitise the tables and chairs after each class.

(3) Use of Face Masks

Make it compulsory for students and teachers to wear masks. As a business owner, we too should be setting an example for them. Prepare more masks for standby in case some students do not bring maks when they come for classes.

As #AOneJagaCentre, if you need any help in sourcing the necessary items and services, do fill up the form below and we will see how can we help:

Prepare your centres before open!

(4) Seating Arrangement 1 Meter Apart

You may arrange one table for one student with at least 1 meter between students. Minimise the contact between students, and maintain the size of class to a maximum of 4-6 students .(*depending on the size of your classroom.)

(5) Social Distancing

We know it’s hard to keep “social distancing” among those naughty students, but you can do it by marking some lines and “personal space” allowed for each student. Give the awareness to the students on the importance of social distancing. Meanwhile, educate all teachers within your centre to follow the social distancing even outside of centres. Encourage “take away” food rather than dine-in. Minimise the contacts with other people and stay at home when there is no urgent errands to run.

(6) No Waiting for Parents In The Centre

You may need to add a new policy that states that non-students are not allowed to be waiting in the centre to minimise the risk of infection. Parents, drivers, maids etc should pick up and drop off students only. Encourage parents to come and pick up right away after the class. Discourage students to wait in the centre.

For payment related matters, you may encourage online banking (paperless + contactless) OR implement in-app payment using AOneSchools mobile apps for Parents. We will implement auto-billing for lesson fee collection in May 2020.

WHY should you go for e-receipts and in-app payment now?

  • Parents, students, teachers, admin and business owners can avoid touching paper receipts, cash
  • Automated and easier way of collecting and tracking of lesson fees
  • Cashless and contactless payment
  • Reduced contact between parents and staff

The government has announced the SME Digitalisation Grant (up to RM 5,000) for all learning or education centres to adopt any digitalization measures. No matter if you are running a tuition centre, kindergarten, dance school, swimming school, music school or any kind of learning centre, you will be eligible for the claim!

You may fill in the form below if you wish to know more about the grant

Wish to know about the GRANT!

SME Digitilization grant - AOneSchools

Do comment below if you have any suggestion or practice that may share to us. Stay safe everyone!

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